English courses on demand

Course offer for prospective international partners

Our School of Medicine can offer high-standard, English-language courses on demand in a number of fields:

  • Applied Biochemistry
  • Applied Biotechnology
  • Cancer steam cells (isolatiom expansion, phenotypical characterization)
  • Clinical Neurology
  • Engineering and regenerative medicine of skeletal tissue
  • Generation of GMO plant, generation of GMO animal 
  • Human neurophysiology
  • Innovative techniques for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of metabolites
  • Mass spectrometry in the biomedical sciences
  • Medical English
  • Modern methods for the qualitative and quantitative detection of GMO
  • Modern proteomics approaches
  • Molecular and cell biology of cartilage and bone tissue
  • neurophysiological substrates of the sensorimotor integration in humans
  • New Therapies for CV disease
  • New Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis
  • New Therapies for Parkinson disease
  • Perception and action: an integrative approach to achieve a comprehensive understanding of pharmacology
  • Pharmacology of CSC-selective (or preferential) drugs
  • Quantitative PCR for the detection of genetically modified organisms
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Signal transduction involved in CSC-related carcinogenesis

The course can be held in the following formats:

  • Courses at the Partner's location
  • Residential course in Genoa, including practical instruction at SIMAV(*), our new simulation center with interactive real-time courses
  • Short-term instruction traineeship in medical technology

(*) Via L.B. Alberti 4, 16132 Genoa, Italy

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